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To provide our customers with the most appropriate and cost effective custom web site design and hosting package. We will make our customers feel comfortable with their decision by providing a "Full Service" solution.


Arehart Consulting (Arehart Web Hosting and Design's parent company) was started October 1st, 1988. Back then (before the Web!) we provided custom programming services for several companies. We continue to do this, but a while back we decided to dedicate a focus on the exploding World Wide Web.

We have always been focused on providing "Custom" solutions, no matter what the product or service.. No two company's are alike. So their web sites shouldn't look the same or provide exactly the same thing. Additionally we take care of the customer. We take the term "Full Service" very literally. We want you to end up with more than you expect.

Compared to most others out there we have been in business a long time. We provide stability and peace of mind. We'll be here, year after year.

Our future will be to provide the same "Computing Excellence" we have always provided since 1988!

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