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You've been getting a lot of ads lately from companies 10 states away that can do your website for next to nothing. We believe they are truthful in that they will be cheap, a few hundred or so. However, this is for a site that may not even have your own domain name, it my be something like We all know the truth about you get what you pay for.

Wouldn't you rather have a domain name like That is what we give you and your email addresses will be based on that name. Like

Here are just some of the benefits:
People expect you to have one and now you will.
You will have a respectable email address to put on your business cards.
Your customers will be able to find more about any time they want 24x7!
They will be able to find you easily. We will put a map and directions to your location right on your site.
Your phone number is always easily available for your customers, it's much easier to remember a web site name than a phone number.
Let people visit your place of business and check you out when it s convenient for them.
If your competition doesn't have a site then you are one up on them.
..If they do have a site then you have leveled the playing field.
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