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Marketing Representative:

  • Not a salaried position. In fact initially you are an independent contractor. If you prove yourself valuable then employment is likely with full benefits.
  • Regardless money you receive is completely based on how much money you bring in.
  • Our focus is full serivce designing and then hosting of web sites for small to medium size businesses.
  • Virtually every business out there is a lead. You must know and do what it takes to help them realize they need our product.
  • Every company does or will soon realize that they need a web presence. This is the perfect moment in time to sell web sites. The need is high and most businesses still don't have a site.
  • Let your years of experience pay off. Your best chance at making a LOT of money is with a small company like ours selling a hot product.
  • You must be a successful, innovative individual with motivation and proven abilities to SELL!
  • We offer unlimited potential as we continue to expand our 15 year old firm.
  • You'll never encounter an opportunity like this again!

Why Arehart Web Hosting and Design?

  • Arehart Web Hosting and Design's parent company, Arehart Consulting's philosophy is to have top-quality products, a commitment to excellence and a full speed ahead approach to innovation and development.
  • You'll receive great commissions, a positive work environment and the challenge of contributing to an already impressive list of achievements.
  • We are located in Centerville OH.
  • Our phone/voicemail system is state of the art CTI technology.
  • You will report directly to the owner, Patrick R. Arehart. Since 1979, Patrick has been designing, building, and installing various custom information and communication systems. He has a Bachelor's degree in Systems Analysis from Miami University.
  • Pay depends on how much you sell. If you're that good, how much you're going to make is not going to be an issue. You WILL make a lot of money.
  • You’ll never get a better chance to improve yourself and your worth than with Arehart Consulting!

Please direct questions to Contact Us Page. If you are ready, so are we. We'll come to an arrangement that benefits us both.

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